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Postby johnonymous » Tue Jan 07, 2014 9:18 pm

I'm opening a Trust thread. I'm opening a Trust thread in a mostly dead board, but this is mostly to vent my sheer excitement.

If you haven't listened to Trust, then shame on you, do that now.



Trust started off as a collaboration between Robert Alfons and Austra drummer Maya Postepski. They signed to Sacred Bones and released Candy Walls and Bulbform both as singles. They later signed to Arts & Crafts to release their debut album TRST, pictured above, which was recorded mostly in Maya's parents' basement. They toured together shortly and then proceeded to go their separate ways due to personal indifference. From then on out, Trust is advertised as the musical project of Alfons alone. A&C also went on to release Sulk, Dressed For Space, and Heaven as singles to the album. For the live shows, Robert has enlisted a live drummer (don't know her name) and a keyboardist (Esther). He also had a man in a bunny mask dancing with a dildo when they performed at the inaugural Field Trip fest in Toronto.


Shortly following the release of TRST, an older release of Robert's was discovered and made its way online. An EP titled Night Music was released under the name Robert Hiley in 2006. The entire (rather long) EP was uploaded to youtube. It contains earlier takes of Trust songs, such as Not A Waste Of Sky and Peer Pressure.



Two songs titled Peer Pressure and Rescue Mister started popping up in the live shows eventually, both of which were performed at Field Trip. After months of recording, Joyland was announced with a short trailer and is currently slated for a March 4th release this year. Rescue, Mister (now featuring a comma) was just put up for streaming as the lead single. The artwork for Joyland is pictured above. The tracklist is as follows:

1. Slightly Floating
2. Geryon
3. Capitol
4. Joyland
5. Are We Arc?
6. Icabod
7. Four Gut
8. Rescue, Mister
9. Lost Souls/Eelings
10. Peer Pressure
11. Barely

Rescue, Mister up on soundcloud: ... cue-mister

"After years of extensive touring, and garnering glowing praise from top international critics at Pitchfork, VICE, and The Guardian UK for the 2012 Juno-nominated debut album TRST, the follow up album Joyland will be released by Arts & Crafts on March 4, 2014.

Joyland is an eruption of guts, eels, and joy."
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Postby Farmer » Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:55 am

First off, yes I love Trust and I know a lot of others here do as well, but there is no need for gendered slurs in this forum. And the dancing guy at Field Trip was wearing a panda mask haha (did he actually have a dildo? I don't remember that).
Rescue, Mister is good! I look forward to this new album.
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