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Re: Respekt (Regina Spektor) Thread

Postby johnonymous » Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:35 pm

If I were to rank them...

Open > Firewood > Patron Saint = Oh Marcello > All The Rowboats > Small Town Moon > Ballad Of A Politician > The Party = Jessica > How > Don't Leave Me

I was extremely pleased with Cheap Seats, it's easily her best Sire-era record (not going to count SK). Was a little disappointed not to see Ink Stains on there but it just would never fit in with the context of the album. It needs to be on the same album as Baby Jesus, whenever that album were to come out... but I'm still very surprised to see Oh Marcello and Patron Saint on there, and how well she pulled them both off given how old they are. I was certain that the drums would kill Patron Saint, but she still managed to maintain that charm on it. She managed to maintain charm on all of them, not much of a surprise given it's Regi. <3
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